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Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Registered Counselor Associate, Owner 

WA License # LH61495450

OR Registered Associate # R6634

Welcome! My name is Sarah Jurrens. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington and a Registered Counselor Associate in the state of Oregon. I am a graduate of the Oregon State University Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master's Program with major coursework including Social and Cultural Perspectives and Systems Theory focusing on Social Justice. I have a wealth of life and work experience to pull from and I absolutely love my job.


My goal is to make therapy a tangible idea; defined and broken down into digestible parts that can be used in individual counseling.


My practice works with women (ANYONE who identifies as a woman) 18+ who struggle with self-esteem and confidence issues. I want to empower any woman who feels held back in life, whether from internal or external factors. 


The golden thread I have encountered in my work is women looking to untie the knot of what they want and value from what society has placed on them as expectations. Often these expectations have made them ashamed to be all or a part of who they are. It can be insidious and confusing for many women in claiming their identity and space as adults.


This can be caused by trauma, abuse, attachment issues, lack of role models, neglect, oppression, misunderstanding, and other facets of our inner world, our family, and our society. It can then manifest into symptoms ranging from mild to severe depression, anxiety,  intrusive thoughts, negative self-talk, difficulty managing anger, social anxiety, difficulty maintaining healthy relationships, and trouble with overall self-acceptance that often blocks joy from our lives.


Sometimes you can't pinpoint a problem, yet you notice you have issues in your relationships, self-esteem, communicating with others, presenting your authentic self, or even figuring out who your authentic self is. I am here to help you sort through any or all of it. 


I want to provide evidence-based practices that create building blocks for obtaining self-confidence. I also am culturally open-minded when working with you to help find what form of healing works best for you.

Evidence-based practices will be used to help you explore your own:

• Unique situation

• Personality

• Cultural influences

•Relationships history


...and how these influences have impacted your life and confidence.


Below are some of the confidence-building blocks we can choose from:

• Decision Making Skills

• Emotional Fluency

• Assertiveness Training

• Re-framing Negative Thoughts (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

• Identifying Current and Creating a Healthy Attachment Style

• Learning To Sit With Discomfort​

• Identifying Your Unique Motivation

• Mindfulness Training

• Creating Structure From Chaos (creating routine and time management)

• Allowing Chaos To Flow Through Structure (relaxing rigidity)

  • Creative techniques: art, role-playing, musical expression, poetry, journaling

  • and much more...

Read more in my interview with Subkit here: Rebellious Women Empowerment Therapy - Sarah Jurrens (

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