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Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Registered Counselor Associate, Owner 

WA License # LH61495450

OR Registered Associate # R6634



My name is Sarah Jurrens. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington and a Registered Counselor Associate in the state of Oregon.


I am a graduate of the Oregon State University Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master's Program with major coursework including Social and Cultural Perspectives and Systems Theory focusing on Social Justice. I have a wealth of life and work experience to pull from and I absolutely love my job.

I have often encountered women looking to separate what they want and value from what society has placed on them as expectations. These expectations often make them ashamed to be all or a part of who they are. It can be insidious and confusing for many women to claim their identity and space as adults. I wanted to find a way to help women do just that.


I started building this practice four years ago, right out of graduate school, with a vision and a whole lot of passion, and I have watched it grow and flourish. It has been a dream come true to watch so many women heal and grow beyond the potential they were taught growing up.


This process has also helped me grow and learn more about myself, and my focus took a bit of a shift in the past year and a half after working with several ADHD clients and recognizing some of the same symptoms in myself. I was then assessed last year and diagnosed for the first time at the age of 44 with ADHD inattentive type. This has been crucial in adding ADHD as a main specialty to my practice. I love working with clients no matter what stage they are at in their diagnoses or treatment but obviously, I understand the shock of learning so late in life and making that adjustment quite well. Before and even more since diagnosis, I have taken so many hours of training on ADHD, executive functioning, disability assistance, medications, trauma impacts of having ADHD, skill acquisition, ways to improve EF, advocacy, and more that I am close to being fully certified on the subject. It has become a passion of mine, in addition to my first love of just helping women recover from trauma and helping women grow and connect with their authentic selves. I now also have found the power of combining trauma work and ADHD since so much trauma can come from growing up with ADHD that many of us may not even be aware of. It is very important work to unburden ourselves of any shame that comes with years of not feeling like enough due to this disorder.


It is an absolute honor to be in this position and to watch all the women I meet work so hard for the life they deserve. I hope you will join me and make that next step, too. I would love to work with you! 


Read more in my interview with Subkit here: Rebellious Women Empowerment Therapy - Sarah Jurrens (

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