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Ponderings from International Women's Day

Take time to go to read the above writing by Camille Rainville. Below is my reaction. I would love to hear yours.

Just reading this is exhausting. And, oh so familiar.

It hits home for me and what I have endured during the majority of my past. So many women have. It is overwhelming, confusing, insidious, disconnecting, and creates an internal battle within many women.

I have been judged for being overly sweet or too stand-offish.

I've been made fun of for wearing too much make-up or told I look sick and/or unprofessional when I don't wear make-up.

Been told one day I am strong for speaking out about uncomfortable topics then been harassed the next for being "out of line".

It is a constant roller coaster and as long as I fit into what works for the masses, I am a-okay as a female. If I do not, I will be criticized and manipulated until I self-sabotage and convince myself that I am the problem.

I had become so disconnected from myself that I did not even know who I was anymore.

I see so many others in that position today and that is why I have pursued this career and started Rebellious Women Empowerment Therapy.

It is so important for us to reconnect within ourselves.

Learning how to be mindful of our emotions, understanding the confusing word "boundaries" and how to use them properly is essential to empowering ourselves.

It is not easy, but it is possible, and we owe it to ourselves to have this sense of peace and joy that comes with finding our true inner voice. Nobody deserves to tell us who we are and to steal our self-respect.

Happy International Women's Day! Strength and love to you all!

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